IMG_0304An amazing professor showed me how awesome story telling can be. He showed me how great it is to create something from start to finish and make someone go “Wow, you did that?”

My focus in school completely changed after sitting through a documentary class. I knew then that story telling is what I wanted do for the rest of my life. My main shtick is in editing and post production in general. I believe looking at the production process from start to finish as an editor creates a project with a better foundation and eventually a better product.

Television editing is not my only area I enjoy working in. Shooting has given me a lot of joy over the past few months. Mainly in areas of shooting live shots and shooting special stories outside of day to day news.

I would like to move into the area of leading projects and producing. Any stage of the creating content process fascinates me and being apart of that process is what I want to do.




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