About Me

In May of 2017, I will be a graduate from Western Carolina University with a Bachelors of Science in Communications Broadcasting and Journalism. Over the past four years I have dedicated my time to producing as much content as possible. I have worked on things like news packages, radio shows, documentaries, promotional videos and more.

I have done three internships of which the third one is this semester with Drift Media Productions as a video editor working on short films and promotional videos for companies/charities like Cortland Line company, USA Cares, Federal Premium Ammunition and a variety of other companies. During my time volunteering at WWCU Power 90.5, I developed two different radio shows. My first shows was “Rock ’em Softly” that was based around soft rock and roll and I occasionally talked about things in the news.  My next show was called “Calvin’s Variety Show.” I put a lot more work into this show throwing in more of a variety of music, more news stories and more games. Since the spring semester of 2016, I have been the sports editor for the Western Carolina Journalist. Being a resident assistant for WCU for two and half years, has shown me how important being a team player is not only for me, but for everyone on the team.

Thriving constantly to be better than I am is what makes me work harder and more efficiently. The only thing that pushes me further than that is being able to help and share the knowledge I have with others because it makes me better at what I do. I plan to leave a substantial change on this industry. With the drive and determination I do have I do not see my self not making that change.