The links and descriptions below are different works I have produced during my time in the television and radio broadcasting industry.

  • “WCU Advances in DNA Sequencing”: This was a particular rough story to work on. Science was not something I knew a lot about, but it did not stop me. This story is a multi-media platform story. The written part is about all of the advances that Western’s DNA Sequencing Lab is making. The photo story is on a student who was currently doing research in the DNA Sequencing Lab.
  • Battle of the Brook“: A member of my cohort came to me about doing a documentary on the declining  population of the native brook trout in Western North Carolina. It was an opportunity to mix my passion for fishing and story telling into on thing. I worked as a producer and photographer on this project with three other people and a faculty advisor from Western Carolina University. This film was submitted to the Broadcast Education Association Film Festival of 2017.
  • USA Cares: Boots in the Bluegrass“: USA Cares is a company dedicated to providing immediate cash to veterans in need. This video is based around one of the fundraisers they do annually. I was assigned to edit the footage for this video while doing my internship at Drift Media Productions. I worked directly with the client over the phone and through email to create a product that he not only liked, but USA Cares as a whole liked. I worked on other edits with USA Cares after this one.
  • Western Carolina University Bass Cats Promo“: Shooting video from a boat was a new experience for me. The final product that came out was better than what I thought it was going to be. It taught to have more confidence in my abilities.

This is a list of other content I have produced and created throughout my career